Director John Binnie on aerial production Mind Walking

Director John Binnie on aerial production Mind Walking

The Tanika Gupta-penned play deals with issues of death, age and vulnerability

Tanika Gupta’s new play Mind Walking is like an ‘Asian King Lear’, according to its director, John Binnie. In it, a 74-year-old Indian man, having lived in Britain for all of his adult life, reverts to his native tongue in old age. Combing a conventional format with aerial theatre, it’s currently touring the UK and will travel to India in November.

Binnie explains: ‘It’s a celebration of an older love affair. I don’t see many plays like this that really put maturity at centre stage. And when you combine that with this amazing aerial trapeze we have, you really get a sense of vulnerability, of a mind starting to unravel.’

Binnie, an award-winner for Breakfast at Audrey’s, and co-producers BandBazi specialise in aerial theatre. But while this innovative approach has wowed audiences, the show has also moved them to tears.

‘Death is part of life,’ Binnie says, ‘so everyone can relate to the lead character. He’s been so strong and suddenly he becomes vulnerable. Regardless of what language you speak or your cultural background, there’s a humanity to the piece that’s universally moving.’

Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley, Mon 24 Oct; Platform, Glasgow, Tue 25 Oct; Macrobert, Stirling, Fri 28 Oct; Cumbernauld Theatre, Sat 29 Oct.


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