One-woman theatremaker Lisa Nicoll returns with Home Run

One-woman theatremaker Lisa Nicoll returns with Home Run

The play deals with the drug addiction and recovery of Scottish women

‘You train as an actress, writer, director or producer for years, but meeting real people and telling real stories is what makes really great theatre,’ says Lisa Nicoll, the one-woman theatre-making machine behind 2008’s Acceptance and short film ‘Truth or Dare’.

Nicoll’s latest solo show, Home Run, focuses on a woman who returns to stay with her father while recovering from drug addiction. Convinced that it was her past that had led to the struggle with addiction, Nicoll’s protagonist is forced to face up to the truth about her drug problems and the misconceptions about herself and other that got her to where she was.

Funded by the Scottish Drug Recovery Consortium, the play aims to tackle the stigma surrounding addiction and recovery. ‘I interviewed lots of women in Glasgow and Edinburgh who were women just like the rest of us but the amount of things they were dealing with led them to turn to drugs.

‘There is a lot of judgement associated with an admission that you’ve been in drug recovery,’ Nicoll says. ‘Theatre is a really accessible way of talking about these things.’

The Arches, Glasgow, Tue 1 & Wed 2 Nov.

Home Run

A one-woman show, written and performed by Lisa Nicoll, about hopes and dreams.

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