Company Chordelia introduces us to the beautiful-but-dark dance piece Miranda

Company Chordelia introduces us to the beautiful-but-dark dance piece Miranda

Chordelia's artistic director Kally Lloyd Jones discusses the production, which stars Kimberley Lawrie and Kirsty Pollock

If you find yourself slightly puzzled at the start of Miranda, the new show from Company Chordelia, then don’t worry – the lead character is, too. ‘Miranda is lost,’ explains the company’s artistic director, Kally Lloyd Jones. ‘She’s been at a party, has had a few drinks and wanders out into the snow. It’s all very beautiful and she’s a bit giggly, but then it gets a bit darker and things start to happen.’

The setting for this dance theatre work has been created by designer Janis Hart, who worked with Lloyd Jones to conjure up an air of atmospheric mystery. ‘I wanted it to feel like a muffled world,’ explains Lloyd Jones, ‘so we had the idea of setting it in a completely snowy landscape. Everything is white, and we’re dancing on carpet so you can’t hear anything. And during the show, that space becomes the inside of a house, where once again you wonder where you are, and what exactly is going on here?’

Lloyd Jones plays the eponymous heroine, and is joined on stage by former Scottish Ballet dancer Kimberley Lawrie and Rambert-trained Kirsty Pollock. ‘Kirsty plays a child – possibly my inner child or my child self,’ says Lloyd Jones, ‘and Kimberley plays a pierrot. You get the feeling the pierrot has been around forever – she’s the conduit between the real world and the not so real world.’ They also share the stage with a digital baby grand piano which makes a ‘rather spooky’ contribution to the show, according to Lloyd Jones.

Although there’s a definite narrative in place, Lloyd Jones is keen for people to find their own way through the piece. ‘I think where they are, and what exactly happened, is open to interpretation,’ she says. ‘I talked to many people after we performed a work in progress earlier this year, and everybody grasped the fundamentals of the story, but they got there in a slightly different way, and I really like that. But in the end, it’s about making peace with something inside of you.’

Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 23 Oct; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 20 Nov.



Psychological thriller about a spoilt young girl who suddenly finds herself in an abandoned and house and not altogether alone. A new work choreographed and directed by Kally Lloyd-Jones, presented by Company Chordelia.

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