Mazes - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Thu 6 Oct 2011 (3 stars)

Mazes - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Thu 6 Oct 2011

The garage pop foursome (with one man down) take a while to warm up, but are worth the wait

Reduced from four to a trio tonight for undisclosed reasons, Mazes are welcomed with open arms, even if it takes them a little while to warm up. On first inspection, the band are a damn fine example of how to pen a charming pop song on the age-old format of bass, guitar and drums. No frills, no fuss, just stripped back, straight to the point stormers. Or at least, that’s what we expect from the band’s recorded output, whereas the performance we’re treated to tonight is considerably more tame and unexciting, at least for the first part of the set.

Having said that, from ‘Most Days’ and ‘Vampire Jive’, to ‘Bowie Knives’ and ‘Boxing Clever’ – which illicits a humorous, albeit gargled response from an intoxicated old-timer in the back – the band dole out chunk after chunk of Pavement-esque sunshine, picking up steam along the way. By the end of the set, their short, sharp blasts have won over the Captain’s Rest crowd even if it isn’t the most confident performance. Still, they muster enough punch in the final stretch to warrant a further listen.


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