Alex Jones' Strictly 'sick bag' request

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  • 19 October 2011
Alex Jones

Alex Jones

Alex Jones wants her 'Strictly Come Dancing' costumes to have ''sick bags'' fitted into them because she is so nervous about performing on the BBC One show each week

Alex Jones wants her 'Strictly Come Dancing' costumes to have "sick bags" fitted into them.

The 'One Show' presenter - who is paired alongside James Jordan - explained she "genuinely wonders" whether her legs will move each time she takes to the stage to perform a routine.

Asked if she is jealous of any of her fellow competitors' outfits, she said: "The only dress I'd be envious of is one that has a sick bag sewn into it!

"When I get up there I genuinely wonder whether my legs will move - and if I'll here the music over the sound of my own heartbeat!

"Those minutes when you're waiting for them to say, 'Welcome to the floor, Alex Jones and James Jordan', are the worst two minutes ever."

Despite loving the glitz and glamour of her 'Strictly' costumes, Alex admitted she wears more clothes when she's "getting out of the shower" than she does on the dancefloor.

She added in an interview with Now magazine: "Going to pick the dresses is the best time a girl could with for. You walk into a room full of sparkles and sequins and they tell you to try them all on.

"I've never worn such tiny clothes on TV. I've worn more clothes getting out of the shower!"

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