Slow Club - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Mon 19 Sep 2011 (4 stars)

Slow Club - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh, Mon 19 Sep 2011

The core folk rock twosome expand their numbers but lose none of their charm in the process

Despite Rebecca Taylor’s protestations, Slow Club looked to be in reasonable shape considering they spent the previous night out with Aidan Moffat in Glasgow. ‘It was like an Indiana Jones film before I went to bed,’ recalled Charles Watson ruefully, pondering a dimly-remembered altercation with a taxi driver. Strange things seem to happen to the Sheffield duo whenever they come to Scotland. Cab Vol was the first venue they played outside their home city – a support date for Maria McKee, whose management’s directive was to ‘make sure the girl’s not younger or better looking’. Taylor was only 18 but they still got the gig, the implication of which she’d rather not consider.

Maybe this is why the pair decided to come mob-handed this time, having expanded to a four-piece band. The new set-up built upon a formerly sparse and stripped-back atmosphere that didn’t exactly need tinkering with, but this was still a strong show on its own terms, from the breezy joys of ‘Our Most Brilliant Friends’ to the loud bass tremble of ‘Horses Jumping’ and the bittersweet ukulele strum of ‘Come On Youth’. The audience’s strong appreciation was rewarded with full-blooded versions of favourites ‘Two Cousins’ and ‘Giving Up On Love’ towards the end, reinforcing Taylor’s opinion that this was ‘the best gig so far, I’m not even scared to say it.’

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