Rory Bremner's Strictly nightmares

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  • 18 October 2011
Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner routinely has nightmares about his 'Strictly Come Dancing' performances, worrying he has forgotten his routine

Rory Bremner has nightmares about 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The impressionist is currently taking part in the latest series of the BBC One show, and he admits the pressure of getting his steps right means the tricky routines are never far from his thoughts.

Rory - who is partnered by Erin Boag - said: "We knew when we signed up for 'Strictly' that it would be a big commitment, but I don't think any of us realised quite how big.

"It takes over our waking hours and even some of our sleeping hours, too: the first thought in the morning and the last thought at night is, 'Can I remember my routine?'

"Two nights before my waltz, I woke in a muck sweat, panicking that someone had taken out the file marked 'choreography'."

Rory is so determined to do well, he will practice whenever he gets the chance - whether that's while doing his weekly supermarket shop or when he's on the train.

He added in his column for Radio Times magazine: "I've grown accustomed to the pitying looks I get when my wife catches me yet again checking my frame, my lien or my footwork. You can't help it.

"The supermarket, the hotel room, the train platform, all become an imaginary dance floor - the platform's the riskiest, particularly if you're heading backwards as the 8.52 Paddington approaches!"

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