Born to Be Wide - The musician's guide to music videos (4 stars)

Born to Be Wide - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Thu 6 Oct

Music seminar offers advice for making and promoting music videos

Don’t know your PPL from your VPL? Couldn’t tell your ISRC code from your elbow? Born To Be Wide is here to help.

For any musician looking to make the leap from local pub gig to, well, basically anything that will make you any money, a little bit of ‘industry’ knowledge may be required. But how do you get this know-how? Trawl through copies of The Unsigned Guide? Look up ‘bands what made it big’ on Wikipedia, searching for the secret to their success?

A simpler and less time-consuming way to get an insight into the music industry we all so clamour to be a part of would be to attend Born To Be Wide, a monthly discussion seminar covering topics of interest to musicians, journalists, promoters, label owners, managers and music fanatics in general.

Started in 2008, the event is run in part by music journalist Olaf Furniss and New Found Sound’s Derick Mackinnon. Past panelists include members of Teenage Fanclub, The Beta Band and Belle & Sebastian, as well as Irvine Welsh, Brent Hansen (former head of MTV Networks Europe), Laurence Bell (founder of Domino Recording Company) and Owen Morris (producer of Oasis, The Verve and The View). The team have also hosted bespoke events at a variety of festivals including GoNorth and put on Wide Days, a weekend of panels and events. Previous seminars have focused on how to get on the radio, music management, working with producers, how to get your record into shops and a peek inside the mind of music journalists. Attendees are encouraged to submit questions, providing a laidback but highly informative forum to find out more about getting further with your music.

Tonight’s guests look at music videos – how to make them yourself; how to get someone to make them for you; how to recover money due to you when they get played on the telly and, of course, how to get them on the goggle box in the first place. Speakers David Weaver, co-founder of Detour adventure video project, Scott Macdonald of KFM records and Aman Khullar of VPL, the organisation responsible to getting artists paid via their label once their material is shown on TV, discuss technical aspects and their own views on the future of the music video in the age of YouTube. Representatives of the Musicians’ Union, a permanent partner of Born To Be Wide, are also on hand to talk about members’ rights and provide a handout including examples of pre-recording agreements.

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Born To Be Wide is held on the first Thursday of every month. The next event will be at Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 3 Nov, £6 (£2.50–£3), 7pm.

Born To Be Wide

Music industry seminar/social club that aims to bring musos, journalists, promoters, record shop workers and musicians together.

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