The Midnight Beast - Book At Us Now (2 stars)

The Midnight Beast - Book At Us Now

Unfunny pop-parody book designed to cash in on upcoming TV fame


‘We mock the living hell out of stuff for a living,’ claim London pop parody trio The Midnight Beast. Even in this disposable age, simply poking fun at more talented people can only stretch so far before the game is up. Success rarely matches longevity in the field of musical spoofery, though the likes of The Darkness never had the fortune to be at their peak when E4 were desperately trying to clog up acres of airtime with shoddy product.

The Midnight Beast are though, and given their vast internet glory in poking Ke$ha and Kanye, they’ve been granted an ‘Inbetweeners slot’ for six episodes of semi-fictional mucking about. Quite what three hours of TMB on TV will be like is speculation, but filling up a laughter-packed 120 pages has proved to be beyond their powers. Book at Us Now (oh dear) is surprisingly earnest on occasion and woefully unfunny in others; unless obsessive bird-flipping and drawing funny moustaches on photos are your idea of classic comedy. Catch them in Where Are They Now? articles by 2014.

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1. ihatehaters29 Oct 2011, 5:43pm Report

the fact that you took time to write about how you didnt enjoy this shows that you arent much fun.. thats probably why you didnt like the book too.. k bye

2. oliviagreyson29 Oct 2011, 5:53pm Report

I've read it and found it funny & informative. And big up the comment before.

3. saran29 Oct 2011, 6:14pm Report

Who goes on the internet to write bad reviews on books, even though no one cares about your opinion? Get a life Brain. The Midnight Beast are a great band, they make millions of people laugh. And their book is just as funny.

4. KaleyKazlo29 Oct 2011, 6:18pm Report

I can not believe you would write something like that... Its only your opinion and there is alot of people out there who Love The Midnight Beast and will support them forever!!
You have made alot of people angry and they hate you right now! ( Js)
They have done so well in the last year, considering they only started by doing YouTube videos!!
The book is amazing if you dont think so then thats your views but I bet there is alot of people who would agree with me!

5. gen bassett29 Oct 2011, 6:22pm Report

You have made a LOT of fans of the midnight beast very angry with this.. it show how far they have come in two years and how much they have achieved and they aren't even signed! maybe you don't have a sense of humour, i don't know, but i don't think anyone agrees with your awful review :)

6. annamay29 Oct 2011, 6:28pm Report

i am extremely sorry Brian, but in the instance you are indeed very, very wrong. okay? good.

7. SOPHIElovesTMB29 Oct 2011, 6:29pm Report

how actually dare you? so youve read BOOOK AT US NOW have you? well you clearly havent because its AMAZING. so really what have you achiveed in life, you spend your days slating people off. well THE MIDNIGHT BEAST have achieved so much and all us TMBeasts are incredibly proud of them.. have you had sellout tours? NO they have. have you had over 40 MILLION YOUTUBE HITs. NO they have. DO YOU HAVE thousands OF FANS NO they have. do you have YOUR OWN BOOK. NO they have. HAVE YOU DONE A BOOK SIGNING? no they have. HAVE YOU HAD A RIOT CAUSED OVER YOU IN OXFORD JUST BECAUSE YOUR SHOPPING NO they have. HAVE YOU GOT A TV SERIES WITH E4 NO they have. NO I DIDNT THINK SO... THEY ARENT EVEN SIGNED! they have achieved so much! ASH STEF AND DRU are amazing..and people LOVE THEM. they have so many fans that have waited all day just to meet them or watch them...YOU ARE GOING TO WISH YOU NEVER WROTE THIS REVIEW. i think ive proved my point. goodbyeeee. LOVING TMB FOR LYF. so proud of them:')

8. BrianIsSilly29 Oct 2011, 6:31pm Report

How could you even say that?? The Midnight Beast are not only hilarious but extremely talented. There is a reason they have come this far and have so many dedicated fans!! The book is funny and well written and I am pretty sure you are the only one who thinks differently. Also why do you think anyone else cares about your opinion? You have obviously upset a lot of people with this review TMB doesn't deserve this they have come so far and are only just getting started. You are wrong Brian you also seem pretty uptight so obviously you wouldn't enjoy this book anyways
#PROUDOFTMB Haters gonna hate

9. saran29 Oct 2011, 6:31pm Report

haha! Casually wrote Brain instead of Brian... Damn autocorrect.

10. Katie Scown29 Oct 2011, 6:31pm Report

OKAY. The book is amazing. It has made all The Midnight Beast fans very happy. It's funny and don't read the book if you don't understand you obviously have a very sad life if you take the time to dislike someone's book like that. It's disrespectful to say it's ''unfunny'' you should take a further look into the way they make their videos and the way they wrote their book. Thats their sense of humour and if you don't like it then you know where the door is. Hater. You have made alot of TMB fans angry including me.

11. itsfashioninnit29 Oct 2011, 6:33pm Report

Come back here when you have sell-out tours, headlining festivals, a book, an E4 series and bucketloads of adoring fans, and they aren't even signed.
We are proud of them.
So go write a review of something else.
'cos we will fight for our beasts, cos they are family to us.

12. Anna abingdonnnn.29 Oct 2011, 6:34pm Report

maaaaaaaate, you actually read the book? If you want to read a funnier book then good luck finding one.
Just cos they're from the internet dont mean they're dumb asses, at least they can actually write 120 pages, and get it published. Do you have a published book? didn't thiiiink so bro.
So whilst you're up your own arse and thinking your all cool writing a bad review, I think it's you we'll be seeing in a where are they now.


13. DaniellaaSmith29 Oct 2011, 6:40pm Report

Considering how far they have come without being signed does make them a good band obviously. I'll like to see you try and find a funnier book, because obviously you have no sense of humour..

Lastly, They are doing alot better than you clearly, who are you to write this sh*t like it's 'fact'. Try sharing your opinion when people would actually give a f*ck.

That is all.

14. Ellie2129 Oct 2011, 6:42pm Report

I think you'll find they are more famous and loved than you will ever be so shut up we don't care about what you think. They are obviously loved because they've had platinum songs, sell out tours and a book signing...yeah? Thought so! Shut it.

15. ProudOfTMB29 Oct 2011, 6:42pm Report

You dont even wanna get me started on how The Midnight Beast are way better than you.They have millions of fans who adore them your just jealous cause you dont get as much attention as they do.We love the beasts with all our hearts and would do anything for them so come back when you have as many fans as they do and achieved what they have in the past year and be as hilarious as they then we might listen to you... but yeah you will never be able to.

16. Ellie2129 Oct 2011, 6:43pm Report

Hope you fall off the edge on the earth.

17. PROUDOFTMBxxx29 Oct 2011, 6:46pm Report

Well, you may call it unfunny, but your life is unfunny.


hope you fall of a clifff.

18. Ellie2129 Oct 2011, 6:46pm Report

We are the tmb party..we're going to kidnap you in your sleep!
We are the tmb party..going to make you listen to then on repeat! (8)
K. Ya get meh?!?!

19. chloeeNINJA29 Oct 2011, 6:47pm Report

Okay, brian. Dont ever ever ever ever ever ever ever say they aren't funny. Go jump off a bridge. thanks. xxxxxxxxxxx

20. Jessica Hall Gutiérrez29 Oct 2011, 6:49pm Report

Personally, I think you're very wrong, and the book is amazing, as are The Midnight Beast, but I don't think everyone hoping you fall off a cliff is necessary... But yeah I recommend you read it again and re-write your review.

21. Ashleigh pithers29 Oct 2011, 6:50pm Report

No one can comment on how 'rubbish' or 'unfunny' their book is. For one they have waaaay more fans that you'll ever get and they have come so far in such a small amount of time. You have made every TMB fan VERY angry and annoyed, and you should apologys!
If you don't like tmb, then guess what? Don't read their book, SIMPLE! Their book is awesome and so many people like it, you my good friend have no sense of humour. And need to get a life, sitting there slaging other peoples achievements off.
TMB have a huge amount of fans on twitter, youtube and facebook, and they aren't even a signed band. So mate if I were you I'd apologise to not just Stefan, Dru and Ashley, but also to every fan out there that you have annoyed!
Next year they are having a tv series, and it will be awesome like everything they do, so no it won't be boring. I don't see you doing a tv series anytime soon?! You had not right to go around calling other people achievements and goals. So next time you write a horrible review just think of who you might upset! RANT OVER. GOOD BYE STOOPID GUY!

22. OMGitsTMBx29 Oct 2011, 6:51pm Report

okay Brian, i'm not going to waste my time telling you how proud i am of the midnight beast or how annoyed i am that you've had the audasity to call them "unfunny" or repeat what every one else has said by telling you how much they have achieved compared to how much you haven't, but i am going to waste my time hunting you down, bitch slapping you left, right and centre until you get it into your small head that you have pissed of the wrong fanbase, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but sometimes it is easier to keep them to yourself, learn from your mistakes prick, have a bad day ;)

23. unicorn.29 Oct 2011, 6:56pm Report

YOU BE TRIPPIN saying this about the midnight beast.
but its okay im outside your house,waiting for you by the tree near the car,yeah we'll see whos "unfunny"
or you can edit what you wrote and tell everyone that the midnight beast are cool,funny and the shit and you wish you were them.
many thanks babes.
from outside your house

24. OMGitsTMBx29 Oct 2011, 6:56pm Report

okay Brian, i'm not going to waste my time telling you how proud i am of the midnight beast or how annoyed i am that you've had the audasity to call them "unfunny" or repeat what every one else has said by telling you how much they have achieved compared to how much you haven't, but i am going to waste my time hunting you down, b***h slap you left, right and centre until you get it into your small head that you have p****d off the wrong fanbase, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but sometimes it is easier to keep them to yourself, learn from your mistakes prick, have a bad day ;)

25. LucyTMB29 Oct 2011, 6:56pm Report

Where do I start...
As you can see The Midnight Beast have very dedicated fans.. we will stay dedicated fans way beyond 2014, i'm 100% sure they will still be around.
Also they do alot more than "simply poking fun at more talented people" they write their own songs and make their own videos/dance routines, very cleverly (not simply) parody other peoples, theyve had (and will have more) sell out tours. Also, it would be hard to find more talented people than them anyway (have you heard Stefan sing?!, even seen any of their videos?) thought not.
Lastly the book is not "designed to cash in on upcoming TV fame." The book is for their fans who know them well and love them (they take the time to meet us because they're lovely people)
SO THERE. rant over.

26. tmb!29 Oct 2011, 6:57pm Report

okay sir, you deserve a slap and a sense of humor.

27. Becca Abingon29 Oct 2011, 7:00pm Report

LOL i bet your some gay old man. This book is designed for the 'younger' COOLER generation. Brian you better watch your back becasue you've made alot of TMBeast unhappy, bad ideaaaaa. And they have a fully published book, do you? NO you just slate other books. Go fuck yoursleffffffff

28. BrianIsSilly29 Oct 2011, 7:08pm Report

Brian you bother me. Book at Us Now is obviously aimed toward a certain age group just like their music and their show will be. I do not think you are part of that age group. TMB doesn't have many haters (for good reasons) but the few they have are all uptight and no fun. I bet you think you are so clever, coming onto the internet and writing this article on a book you wouldn't have enjoyed anyways. Who do you think you are? Some of the things you said are just plain disrespectful and rude. You have clearly upset a lot of people, me being one of them, because this review is offensive and unfair. Also, you're dead wrong about TMB dissapearing in a few years. look at how far they've come and they are only just getting started!! The only thing writing this review has done is upset a lot of people ( you are messing with the wrong fan group) and gained you a lot of haters.

29. Coops29 Oct 2011, 7:31pm Report

Well, I'll give you this, Brian - you've got some balls to write that. You must have known you'd have abuse hurled from every direction. Personally I don't want to hate on you, but I must draw attention to the sweeping generalisation you make about what's funny. 'Classic comedy' - how does one define that? There are so many different types of comedy and I don't think you spare any time for people whose tastes differ from yours. You have a point with 'success rarely matches longevity in the field of musical spoofery' but who's to say that TMB might not change that? Your review is written very nastily, it almost gives the impression that you have some sort of previous grudge against TMB. I also don't think you were part of the target audience for this book at all so if you were going to review it, it might have been an idea to try to look at it from not just your own, but others' points of view. Even so, I'm sure you could have found something positive to say about them if you'd tried. Perhaps have another read and a listen to some of their songs then revise your review in a slightly less biased way?

30. Hollyabingdon29 Oct 2011, 7:35pm Report


The Midnight Beast are amazing and you have no right to talk about them.

31. Simply Promoting Fun29 Oct 2011, 7:50pm Report

Mr Donaldson your review of this book is totally unjust - THE MIDNIGHT BEAST have aimed their book at their fans who find the songs and skits they produce very funny!
You title the book 'unfunny'. Think back to when you were a teenager - the things that amused you then, would probably not seem the slightest bit funny now - times have changed Mr Donaldson. Did you actually review the book from a teenagers point of view? I suspect not!
You say that the content is not 'classic comedy' - no it is NOT CLASSIC COMEDY it is unique, creative and fun. That is why THE MIDNIGHT BEAST have been SO sucessful, because they have a style of their very own.
Their TV show will NOT be about three boys 'mucking about' - I think you are getting mixed up with 'fly on the wall' documentaries that other celebrities do about their lives. The series has been written by professional writers and has been given the slot of 'The Inbetweeners' because E4 know that these boys are talented enough to ACT in their own show and write their own songs, which will be introduced throughout the series. Yes, the show will be comical but just 'mucking about', NO!. May I also suggest that if you are asked to write a review on THE MIDNIGHT BEAST's tv show, you sit down with an audience of teenagers!
As for longevity of THE MIDNIGHT BEAST, they have already had a very sucessful two years and the best is yet to come! Mr Donaldson watch very carefully how this trio conquer the world in the next few years.
'Simply poking fun' at more talented people is something THE MIDNIGHT BEAST have never done...........'simply having fun' is what they promote. Young people have enough obstacles to deal with in society today and I think that what THE MIDNIGHT BEAST offer them is a happy release, through their music, their sell-out tours and this book.

32. Gemmur29 Oct 2011, 7:52pm Report

Okay, as a hardcore Tmb fan I came on here to respectively strongly disagree with Brian's article. But it wasnt the article that shocked me, it was the aggression and immaturity of the comments. Telling him to fall of cliffs and and telling him to shut the f*** up? I mean there is disagreeing with something and then theres just being rude. You have to learn that the more fans someone gets, the more haters someone gets also. Its just the way it is. You cant expect everyone to like the same thing? And the more people who get riled up about it, the more hate articles that will be published purely because of attention. You really dont want Tmb fans to get a bad name by swearing and being aggressive on a public site? Im pretty sure you're getting angrier about this article than Tmb are themselves! And before you all start backlashing at me, I do disagree with the article, I myself love the book and TMB. I've met them 4 times and queued up 5 hours in leeds just to get my book signed. Seriously guys, stand up for them and everything, but dont make the TMB fanbase look like aggressive 12 year olds out for a fight. If you want to reply to this, send me a tweet @GemZAYY

33. itsKirstyInnit29 Oct 2011, 8:22pm Report

Hey baby, you are a massive faggot, these boys are hilarious, if you don't see talent then baby you must be blind and deaf and STUPID. I love the midnight beast, they're talented attractive and hilarious, when you get a book, number 1 in austalia and 100s of thousands of fans, and a tv show, then you come and insult my bros, and until then, just f off. Oh yeah tmb fans follow me on twatter, @itsKirstyInnit OH YEAH BRO DON'T MESS WITH THE TMBEASTS COZ BRO WE WILL GET YOU. AND NO BODY MESSES WITH MY BOYS AND GETS AWAY WITH IT. Lots of love @itsKirstyInnit <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox <3 <3 <3

34. @aldsjdja_29 Oct 2011, 8:31pm Report

Unfunny? Are you having a laugh? Mind the pun. I'm not being funny or anything but you obviously don't have a sense of humour. They have thousands of fans which over the past week have queued up in the cold and rain from 7 in the morning just to meet them. They have millions of views on youtube and have had a number one in australia. They're now published authors and on 13th December will celebrate their 2nd year anniversary. They're the most genuine down to earth men I've ever met, and anyone will ever meet. And you know the best thing? They've done this all without even having a record deal. And you have the cheek to try and slag them? Just wait till their tv show and thousands of girls and boys tune in. Never ever mess with The Midnight Beasts, because TMBeasts will ALWAYS be there to back them up. Stefan Abingdon, Ashley Horne, and Dru Wakely will forever be my boys because they're talented and beautiful. Now if YOU have another problem, tweet me @aldsjdja_. #PROUDOFTMB

35. suchclazikaktz29 Oct 2011, 8:33pm Report

lol bet you regret posting this now.
if you don't like them or their book, keep it to yourself and don't make an article about it to put them down and make yourself feel better? yeah, everyone is entitled to an opinion but these boys deserve everything, they started out on youtube just showing their video Tik Tok to their friends, it now has almost 13 million views and they have thousands of fans all over the world. they got where they are all by themselves, they aren't signed, record their own songs in their own houses, so making an article like this to put them down is just.. low. maybe you should know more about them before you rip them. they are the loveliest boys you will ever meet, and they don't let the 'fame' get to their heads. keep your opinions to yourself, tmb have loads of loyal fans XXXXXXXXXXXXX

36. MarthaWakely29 Oct 2011, 8:33pm Report

Look, ok thats you opinion but just look at the comments ^^^ i think you've been over ruled mate. Basically, if you don't like them thats fine, dont buy the book but if you do buy it! but on't ever wriet about them ( hating on them ) because its quite pathetic. Well done pal, you've just offened the whole of the TMB fans! They've got more talent then you will ever have in your big toe... Don't mess with the TMB fans! <<< told

37. pheebTMB29 Oct 2011, 8:39pm Report

Oh why you so silly?? You sir need to be slapped round the face with something very painful.

38. Vile29 Oct 2011, 8:51pm Report

39. FuturisticL0ser&Louuiisee29 Oct 2011, 8:58pm Report

clearly you are the only person who thinks this. all these comments strongly disagree with your stupid and pathetic opinion. Ke$ha fucking loved their Tik Tok parody and said it was better than her version. maybe if you'd read the book through properly you'd have understood that - or maybe if you'd not just broadcasted your own opinion without considering if you may or may not be right or wrong/offend someone with it you'd not be perceived as such a bloody douche bag. stating that their book was 'unfunny' shows that you sir have no sense of humour. they also have an album coming out, which will no doubt be loved by all of their fans, however if it doesn't interest your puny little brain, don't buy it. if you don't think they're funny, don't watch the videos or buy the book. it's quite simple. did you honestly think that the fans would let this slide? just think next time. and if you dont agree with anything we've all said, please leave.
okay byee! :)

40. molly_abingdon29 Oct 2011, 9:02pm Report

have you even read this book? its hilarious, and its about people who have made it completely on their own, that's something to be extremely proud of, and the people who write things like this about people, are usually just jealous. they've had no help from anyone but themselves, and all us fans think they're brilliant for doing that! i'll bet you couldn't! :)

you've made all the TMB fans rather mad, we will stick by you TMB! WE LOVE YOU! you have so many loyal fans! xxxxxxx

41. morgannbeee29 Oct 2011, 11:41pm Report

whatt? i'm sorry i can't hear you over TMB's talent. your opinion is invalid.

42. Someone. Jess. Maybe.29 Oct 2011, 11:48pm Report

WELL, have you read the book? No, doesn't look like it. These boys are hilarious, funny and 3 of the most down to earth boys you'd ever ever meet. Not only are they hysterical, they're lovely, and us fans look up to them, you've made us angry :( I SUGGEST YOU CHANGE YOUR VIEWS OR THE BEASTS WILL GET YOU.
-Much Love,

43. _sausagefest30 Oct 2011, 6:50pm Report

This book is full of there usual antics and we beasts think its fantastic.

And what kind of position are you in to judge, they've made a nice little career out of this, and you're commenting as if you're better than them?
The midnight beast have worked there backsides off to get to where were they are today and you sit there in your office shooting them down, have some respect.

If you don't like how they've written this book, keep it to yourself. If you had done your research properly you would know they have an amazing fanbase, who will defend them no matter what, so you made a mistake writing this review.

And to be honest, yes drawing funny moustaches on photos is our idea of classic comedy.


44. Its_Izzy_TMB30 Oct 2011, 10:33pm Report

The Midnight Beast have come a long way from just making a simple parody on Youtube to actually having their own book AND TV show, which is something not many people can do. If you don't like the book, keep it to yourself, or else a lot of fan will be unhappy - as you've kind of already made them.

And not gunna lie - drawing funny moustaches on photos is our idea of comedy.

45. BrianIsSilly30 Oct 2011, 10:43pm Report

I HATE how you imply that The Midnight Beast are not talented and unfunny. In case you haven't realized they have hundreds of thousands of fans across the world and millions of views on their youtube videos. They write all their songs themselves and are unsigned. They wouldn't have gotten this far if this far if they weren't "funny" or "talented" As a loyal fan I am very proud of these boys and their book (which is both hilarious and well written) and everything they have accomplished. And they are only getting bigger whether you like it or not. Stefan Ashley and Dru are amazing and down to earth friendly people who deserve millions of fans and a tv show. How could you even hate on them!? I think you just don't like them for the sake of not liking them. There is a reason they hardly have any haters. TMB FOREVER!! <3 <3 <3

46. SarahLovesTMB30 Oct 2011, 10:47pm Report

This book is bloody AMAZING!!! The best book ive ever bought :D LOVE YOU GUYS :) <3

47. Juliet31 Oct 2011, 1:26pm Report

Well, this is excellent. Seems like they have very rational and reasonable fans.

48. Rhada31 Oct 2011, 3:10pm Report

Comments are more astute than the review this time: If you're a banal, frothing-at-the-mouth moron, this band will blow your (literally) tiny mind.


49. aliceaitken2 Nov 2011, 7:59pm Report

Yeah yeah yeah shut the f*** up,its christmas.
One of the MANY amazing quotes tmb have influenced thousands of people's lifes with-it just so happens that every tmb fan would love to shout this particular one in unison at you,until you change your mind on this ONE OF A KIND book.
I think you should re-read this book,from a different perspective-maybe this time a positive one?!

50. HannaAbingdon10 Jan 2012, 10:12pm Report

well brian, its pretty obvious your either have read the wrong book or have no sense of humour. do you have 296,988 subscribers on youtube? DO YOU BRIAN? No, i didnt think so. Are you getting your own TV show? Nope. Have you written a book? Nooooooo. SUCK MA DICK BRIAN DONALDSON. (btw you have no friends anymore lol)

51. UM YEAH GO AWAY BRIAN.26 Mar 2012, 4:49pm Report

i think you should of thought this through before writing this review - because it is obvious that you have no sense of humour or appreciation for a band that has not been signed to any record label and still managed to get a place at festivals and in the charts. I think you could of thought before you wrote this at how many people YOU have offended - keep your opinions to yourself. 'Brian'.

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