Lord Sugar: 16 is too young for TV

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 18 October 2011
Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar thinks the age of 16 is ''too young'' for people to appear on TV, but he insists the 'Young Apprentice' contestants are not exploited in any way

Lord Alan Sugar thinks the age of 16 is "too young" for people to appear on TV.

The multi-millionaire business mogul - who is fronting the second series of 'Young Apprentice' - explained while the contestants on the BBC One show are just 16 and 17, the series is not exploitative of the youngsters in any way.

He told BANG Showbiz: "It absolutely is too young and that's why the BBC look after the contestants so well. We're all very, very conscious of not exploiting youngsters. They are very well looked after.

"The age limit of 'Young Apprentice' was originally going to be 14 and we decided it would be best to up it to 16 and 17 year olds.

"I wouldn't have anything to do with it if I thought the show was exploiting youngsters in any way. From time to time they do get emotional and break down, but we stop, take a break, and give them time to move on."

Despite the show focusing on the business achievements of youngsters - who in the first episode are required to make, sell and market ice creams - Lord Sugar's advisors Karren Brady and Nick Hewer insist the contestants are "mature" enough to handle the pressures and stresses of the show.

Karren said: "Nick and I have been out on the tasks with them, so we see the way there are. They're very mature, very together, very articulate. Some of them are running their own businesses now anyway."

Nick added: "The proof is in the fact that they love it, they absolutely love it more than you could imagine."

'Young Apprentice' returns to BBC One at 9pm on October 24.

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