NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2011

NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2011

Highlights include works by artists Tom DeMajo and N55 and an event exploring the sound of stars

Digital arts festival NEoN is once again transforming Dundee into an electronic playground for six days. With its series of film screenings, live music, DJ performances and workshops, NEoN’s main aim is to create works of art that couldn’t have existed before the computer age. A perfect example of this interaction of art and technology is a new project by Tom DeMajo in which the artist will turn the Old Steeple at Nethergate into a resonator for a sound installation that will explore the history of the building using new technology.

Elsewhere, members of Copenhagen collective N55 plan to put art in the hands of the public with their principle of ‘rebuilding the city from within’. They will present Space Frame Vehicles, a project which helps people to build their own vehicles ‘using easily sourced parts, simple tools and requiring no welding’.

The NEoN finale is the centrepiece of the festival, with a day of events including highlights such as Dundee’s Planetarium transmitting the sound of the stars. Using a technique called ‘stellar seismology’, electromagnetic waves beamed down from the cosmos will be transformed into sound waves, with Robert Law from the Mills Observatory on hand to explain the ‘science bit’. Enjoy.

Various venues, Dundee, 5–12 Nov.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival

Scotland's only international digital arts festival, it features moving image, performance, music and technology-driven arts across Dundee.

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