Liv Lorent, of balletLORENT - interview

Liv Lorent, choreographer with balletLORENT

The Newcastle-based company are touring Scotland with sensual new work La Nuit Intime

What made you want to be a choreographer?
I couldn’t be the dancer I wanted to be, but felt compelled to marry the dancers I did adore with the music I loved. I still feel that this is something I need to do, and enjoy collaborating with others towards a collective vision.

What was the inspiration behind la nuit intime?
It came from a desire to create the ultimate sanctuary, where the audience gets to share an intimate environment with the dancers, and see them close up. I want to share the privilege I have of knowing and loving each one of them, and to create a kind of utopia of freedom, daring and vulnerability through dance and music.

What are you looking for in a dancer?
They need to inspire my love, admiration and protection. They have to work very hard as well as retain their sense of humour. I need to be able to trust them completely. I do find them all to be very beautiful, and I guess they need to buy into the aesthetic and emotional vision I want to create with and for them.

What do you hope audiences will take away from your show?
I hope that audiences both young and mature enjoy the gentle anarchy of each individual performance, and the rare intimacy of witnessing these brilliant dancers from touching distance. These shows have proven to have a strong impact on audiences so far, and I hope we can create more memories through this Scottish tour.

balletLORENT, Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Fri 11 Nov; The Arches, Glasgow, Mon 14 Nov; Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 18 & Sat 19 Nov.

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