DJs Radioactive Man and Billy Nasty team up for Radionasty

DJs Radioactive Man and Billy Nasty team up for Radionasty

The twosome are to appear at the Caves courtesy of Jackhammer

Radioactive Man and Billy Nasty have both played Jackhammer before but now they’re back in a new itineration, as two-headed techno mutant Radionasty, and drawing on both their styles to create a fresh new sound. ‘Our first track was quite dark fast electro but the others have got a deeper edge,’ explains Radioactive Man (aka Keith Tenniswood) of their recent productions. ‘It’s not straight-up techno, I hate the word tech-house but there are house elements in there and it’s a little bit deeper than we expected.’

Tenniswood is, of course, no stranger to groundbreaking electronica duos, first appearing on most clubbers’ radar as one half of Two Lone Swordsmen alongside Andrew Weatherall. ‘In the early 90s it was all about raves and free parties, then I started going to the Drum Club, Sabre Sonic and Full Circle, where I got to meet various people such as Mr Weatherall and Jagz Kooner from Sabres of Paradise and sort of got involved at their studio. They took me on, basically making the tea and skinning up, and let me in at weekends and I learnt how to use bits and bobs.’

Tenniswood went on to release a slew of tough electro and techno releases (including a Fabric mix) and worked alongside David Holmes, Beth Orton, Sven Vath and more. ‘I like interacting with other people in the studio, it can get a bit boring on your own,’ adds Tenniswood. ‘Myself and Billy have been mates for years, we’d been doing some stuff in the studio together, messing about and the results were pretty good, we’ve actually got a couple of records coming out on Craig Richards’ label.’ Not forgetting a track on ePM’s tenth anniversary compilation.

Now they are taking to the clubs with a back-to-back DJ set. ‘I kinda like that two records on, two records off, because you get to mix a few and it’s a bit more of a jamming vibe. It’s going to be pretty full-on dancefloor stuff but it’s not aggressive techno, I’m going to say “firm but fair”,’ he laughs.

Jackhammer at the Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 28 Oct.


Techno night with residents Wolfjazz and Keyte and some big names guesting.

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