Red or Black to be axed?

Peter Fincham, director of television at ITV, says no decision has been made on whether 'Red or Black' will get a second series - but major changes must be made if it is to be recommissioned

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

'Red or Black' will only return if major changes are made to its format.

Simon Cowell's game show - which was fronted by Ant and Dec and had a £1 million prize - was heavily criticised when it aired on ITV1 last month, and network executives admit they are still unsure whether to commit to a second series.

Asked whether it will return, ITV's director of television Peter Fincham said: "I haven't made that decision yet. It is a big show. the sort of thing ITV should be doing on a Saturday night. [It's a show I] want to make some changes to . I'm nearly there, but not quite ready yet."

Peter admitted the show had had a "slightly bumpy ride", which is believed to be a reference to the fact a convicted criminal won the top prize as thorough background checks had not been carried out.

The programme - which had a £15 million budget - aired every night for a week, but one of the proposed changes will see it broadcast in a weekly slot.

A source who worked on the show told The Guardian newspaper: "The feeling is it might come back as a big Saturday night show but it's a question of how you work that logistically and make it work if it's just once a week. It's a big expensive show."

Despite Peter's comments, Simon has said he believes ITV are happy with the show.

He said: "ITV are happy and I think there will be a second series. We had 20 buyers last night and we've got three offers for a US version. I'd change a few things but the public like the show."


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