Ryan Adams' romantic albums

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  • 14 October 2011
Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams

Ryan Adams believes making albums is ''romantic'' and loves the process of putting a record together

Ryan Adams thinks making albums is "romantic".

The 36-year-old singer-songwriter enjoys every stage of putting together a record because it exists solely to give people pleasure and "transform" the listener.

He said: "I love the album as a piece of art. I love the process of writing music and the consideration of how those things go together. I have an album fetish, I am an album collector.

"I think it's a very romantic notion to be making things like albums in this day and age. When I use the term romantic I think it is a joy of the human existence to subscribe to pleasure and to just subscribe to creating things that can feel mystical and that they're full of some sort of energy that has the ability to transform you or the people that listen to them."

Ryan says his latest album 'Ashes and Fire' was a "joy" to make and so he found recording it very easy.

He added in an interview with website Gigwise: "It was really cool. I had a good time and it was really pretty easy and I think that for the most part it was the easier records to make and I was really super f***ing happy.

"Everybody was jazzed, it was like twelve days and Glyn Johns [producer] was on top of things. Every decision was a joy to make. There were not any days in the studio where we were like 'ahh this sucks.' "

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