Interview - Royal Republic

Royal Republic – Interview

The funky Swedish punk rockers tell us about their debut album, rock’n’roll and 'The President’s Daughter'

Touring in support of their debut album We Are the Royal, Sweden’s cheeky rock quartet Royal Republic are preparing to run riot across the UK. The List caught up with guitarist Hannes Irengård to find out more.

How would you describe your music to anyone who'd never heard Royal Republic before?

Royal Republic play an energy-driven punk rock pop. Kinda. Songs about life. If you lead a super stupid life, that is.

What's the Swedish rock scene like at the moment?

Well, we're never in Sweden these days so I wouldn't really know! I do know though that there is a strong tradition of good rock’n’roll, and music in general in Sweden. We do have a lot of really good rock acts in Sweden, but a lot of shitty ones too. Trust me.

Did you enjoy working with producer Anders Hallbäck and mixing impresario Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Apocalyptica, etc)?

Hallbäck and Glaumann are obviously a big part of the We Are The Royal album. They're creative, spontaneous and just nice, professional guys. So yeah, we did enjoy it very much. The mixing process with Glaumann was a bit weird though. We were sitting in the studio in Malmö, and he would send the mixes to us. We would then discuss it over the phone, get a new version with whatever changes we wanted made and so on. Of course, this took about a thousand times longer than it usually does. But it worked out really well and we're super happy with the result.

What do you enjoy more recording or playing live?

We're a live act. That's how we got to where we are today. The album is cool but the magic happens on stage while interacting with the crowd. The recording process itself I find not to be very stimulating. Although when things really come together it's an amazing feeling of satisfaction.

Do you think rock needs more humour?

No. I think people need to do whatever they feel like doing. If that's doing stand-up in between the songs or chewing on a piece of raw meat, then so be it. If people consider us to be funny, then that's cool I guess, but it's not what we set out to do. This is who we are, whoever that might be.

Tell us more about the track 'The President’s Daughter'

That song is kind of a semi-true story, that happened to Adam like a hundred years ago. Apparently he had a crush on the daughter of the richest man in town, who considered Adam to be not worthy of his only daughter. It's kind of a Romeo & Juliet thing, in a rock’n’roll context. Guess who's laughing now, huh?! Adam being all rich and famous …

Looking forward to playing Scotland?

Def! We've actually been to Glasgow once before and had an awesome time! From what we heard ticket sales are good and we're looking forward to seeing some new and old, familiar faces this time around! Hopefully we'll have a few hours off to go sightseeing.

What can people expect on the night?

We play Rock music, and we do it well. People usually leave our shows sweaty, high on adrenaline and with a smile on their face. I'm quite confident that however high your expectations might be, you will not be disappointed. Hope to see you guys there!

King Tut's, Glasgow, Wed 26 Oct.

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Royal Republic

Swedish quartet influenced by Britpop, punk and funk.

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