BB house at war over failed task

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  • 13 October 2011
The 'stranded' housemates escaping from the task room

The 'stranded' housemates escaping from the task room

The 'Big Brother' housemates are at war after stranded trio Aaron, Harry and Jem quit this week's shopping task, meaning they failed the challenge

Jay erupted in fury after learning 'Big Brother' housemates had failed this week's shopping task.

The group were left with just £100 after failing to successfully complete the Stranded task and accused Aaron, Harry and Jem of sabotaging it by escaping instead of awaiting rescue.

Threatening to quit after hearing the result, Jay seethed: "I'm not doing it again. They can f**k off."

During the task, Alex was left stranded after Jay was asked to ski on a slalom machine for 30 minutes, with Big Brother asking him to estimate the duration.

However, he stopped skiing after 29 minutes and 50 seconds, failing his part of the task.

Hearing the news, Jay said: "I can't f***king believe that!"

However, Alex was later rescued when Louise successfully took part in a 'yellow snow tasting' task - including a bowl of cow urine - and Aden was freed when Tom successfully fought a yeti.

The remaining housemates broke free after Faye was rescued when Anton completed a climbing task that lasted over three hours.

As the door opened for Faye to leave the task room, the other stranded contestants also walked out, prompting angry Jay to say: "Are you on glue, we loose the budget if you don't stay, we've grafted our balls off?!" before calling for them to be punished.

While Aaron claimed they sabotaged the task because they knew Anton was deliberately trying to separate him and Faye, his rival was unrepentant.

He admitted: "I just wanted to upset Faye and Aaron."

Anton also said he was pleased Aaron's plan had backfired, adding: "Bravo, good beats evil every time."

However, the housemates were concerned that the feud between the pair could grow even further.

Louise told Anton: "You're getting a bit obsessed with him now."

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