Justice - Audio Video Disco (4 stars)

Justice - Audio Video Disco

Highly enjoyable electro-rock from the Parisian duo, if notably less serious than earlier efforts

(Ed Banger/Because)

Hip Parisian electro label Ed Banger’s leading lights aren’t the first dance artists to make like rock stars – see The Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy and fellow French duo Daft Punk among others. But between their wiggly synth freakouts, hair metal guitars and stadium handclaps, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay nimbly walk the tightrope between homage and parody on their long-awaited second album – which combines serious ‘ed banging (sorry) and having a laugh.

The likes of the ‘Baba O’Riley’-sampling ‘Civilization’ and prog-funk rifforama ‘Canon’ draw a carefully measured line between the new Justice and the sugary highs of ‘We Are Your Friends’ et al, and offer loads to enjoy taken on their own merit. Just be prepared to ditch many notions of good taste, and to look out your sweatbands.

Justice - Civilization

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