5 housemates up for Big Brother eviction

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  • 11 October 2011
Anton and Jay

Anton and Jay are both up for eviction this Friday

Aaron, Aden, Anton, Faye and Jay all face eviction from the 'Big Brother' house this Friday (14.10.11)

5 housemates face the chop from 'Big Brother' this Friday (14.10.11).

Aaron, Aden, Anton, Faye - whose sister Jem was brought into the house as a surprise last week - and Jay all face the chop, with Anton bagging five nominations from his fellow housemates, who branded him "two-faced".

While they await their fate later in the week, the contestants will be separated into two groups for a new task.

With Aaron, Aden, Alex, Faye, Harry and Jem being "stranded" in the basic task room, Anton, Louise, Jay and Tom will have to complete a series of challenges to rescue the Strandee of their choice.

However, with four challenges and four housemates, two contestants will automatically spend the night stranded.

If housemates are stranded for more than nine hours, a note will be placed in the hatch of the room with two clues on it, which hold the answer to a combination lock on a metal box that contains food for the stranded housemates.

In the hope of rescuing their fellow contestants, Anton, Louise, Jay and Tom will have to each either ski non-stop for 30 minutes on a machine without breaks, guess the flavour of five different varieties of yellow snow, go head to head in a fight against a Yeti or climb 1,344 metres on a stepper up 'Mount BB'.

If the Rescuers free three of the six stranded housemates, they will win a luxury shopping budget.

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