Gemma Collins: I still fancy Mick

Gemma Collins still has ''the hots'' for Mick Norcross, and will be ''waiting in the wings'' for when his romance with 'The Only Way Is Essex' co-star Maria Fowler comes to an end

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins still has "the hots" for Mick Norcross.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star - who was left red-faced at the end of the second series of the ITV2 reality show when the nightclub owner rebuffed her advances - admitted she will be "waiting in the wings" when Mick ends his romance with his current squeeze, Maria Fowler.

She said: "Since seeing the pictures of Maria and Mick canoodling, I've realised I've still got the hots for him!

"I can't stop giggling when I'm with him because I want to be his lady, but he blatantly doesn't feel the same way. I can't be selfish, so I'll let Maria crack on - but Mick needs to know I'm waiting in the wings."

However, Gemma explained she can't see Maria as a suitable stepmum to Mick's son Kirk, who she had a very public spat with during the second series of 'TOWIE' when the 23-year-old hunk branded her an "extra".

Gemma added in her column for Closer magazine: "I just can't imagine her as Kirk's stepmum - she definitely wouldn't be baking cupcakes in the kitchen!"


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