Five fun facts about Ed Byrne

Five things you might not know about Ed Byrne

Some little known facts about the Irish comic's altercations with popes, Perriers and Piers Morgan

1 Born in the Dublin suburb of Swords, Byrne first got involved in stand-up comedy as a horticulture student at Strathclyde University. As part of the student union, Byrne hosted pub quizzes and karaoke nights which provided him with a taste for showing off and stand-up seemed to be the next logical step.

2 In 1998, Byrne nabbed himself a spot on a universally excellent Perrier shortlist, alongside Peter Kay, Sean Cullen and Al Murray, all of whom had to bow down to the victor, Tommy Tiernan.

3 A whole decade ago, Byrne appeared alongside Davina McCall in Sam’s Game, a largely-hated one-series Friends-esque sitcom which was arguably neither of their finest hours. A more satisfying TV comedy appearance for Byrne arrived last year when he was seen ranting about the ludicrously early success for Daniel Sloss in the Fifer’s sitcom pilot, The Adventures of Daniel.

4 Byrne was one of many celeb dignitaries who signed an open letter protesting against the UK visit of Germany’s Joe Ratzinger (aka The Pope). Among those within the comedy community joining Byrne in condemnation were Natalie Haynes, David Nobbs, Stewart Lee, Robin Ince, Stephen Fry and Richard Dawkins.

5 In 2009, Byrne had a spectacular spat with Piers Morgan on Radio 5 Live’s Simon Mayo show about the merits of Dubai and their leaders’ attitudes to women, money, gay rights and the environment. All of which spiralled wonderfully out of control as Byrne had a pop at Morgan’s part in degrading ‘talent’ shows while the former Mirror editor responded by doing a comedy German SS accent.

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Piers Morgan v Ed Byrne on BBC Radio 5 live

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