Vincent Simeone: Rubbish dancers last longer in Strictly

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  • 11 October 2011
Edwina Currie

Edwina Currie

Edwina Currie's dance partner Vincent Simeone says ''rubbish'' dancers last longer in the early stages of 'Strictly Come Dancing'

Vincent Simone thinks Nancy Dell'Olio has stayed on 'Strictly Come Dancing' because she is "rubbish".

The professional dancer and his partner Edwina Currie were first to be voted off the BBC One show at the weekend, and Vincent thinks that bad performers always do well because they get the support of the public.

Asked about the progress of Edwina's rival Nancy, he said: "I think sometimes with this show, it's better to be the worst one, because people jump behind you and you stay, Edwina wasn't, she was too good in a way, too soon.

"It's better to be rubbish in the beginning so you get through."

Edwina also took a swipe at Nancy, admitting she didn't think she deserved to be voted off after being awarded 10 points more than the Italian by the judges.

She said on 'BBC Breakfast': "It would be unkind to say who but I don't think we were worse than some of the others ... Let me put it this way, I didn't forget the routine - I put my feet where I was supposed to."

Last week, Nancy suffered a mishap on the dancefloor after tripping over a feather boa and Edwina jokingly claimed her professional partner Anton du Beke had included the cumbersome accessory deliberately.

She said: "My suspicion is Anton knew there would be a mess with it and left it in."

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