Second Sight (4 stars)

Sharon Neill



Mind invasion from strange voices; spooks that go bump in the night; Zulu warrior spirit mates: it’s all a day in the life for Sharon Neill, and, whether you believe in it or not, her autobiography makes for fascinating reading. Blind from birth and growing up during the troubles in Northern Ireland, the Belfast-born full-time medium has had a very unusual life and this warm and beautifully written work gives us a compelling insight into it, with plenty of family anecdotes, quirky humour and amazing encounters along the way.
Neill includes a lot of detail in her stories which at times is not always necessary and more cynical readers may find some of them a little hard to swallow. However, it only serves to give this heart-warming book more zest and colour. So is Second Sight really based on eerie truth or just well-presented eccentric tale-telling? This is one decision you’ll actually enjoy making.

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