The Hazey Janes - The Winter That Was (2 stars)

The Hazey Janes - The Winter That Was

Unoriginal effort from the Dundonian indie-poppers

(Armellodie Records)

For those looking to uncover evidence that the reservoir of originality has truly dried up on contemporary music, this new effort from Dundee’s Hazey Janes might well seal the deal. After an intriguing, brief opening salvo which sounds a bit like a wormhole turning inside out (possibly), each and every single track has a line, riff or vocal delivery that will make you wonder why you’re not just listening to Teenage Fanclub, Springsteen, The Mighty Wah!, Aztec Camera or The Stones instead.

In particular, ‘Aspen’ features a sequence of 20 seconds that will make you think a Crowded House tune has managed to infiltrate the CD. The Winter That Was is not without its heartwarming moments; it’s just that they all belong to someone else.

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