Radiohead never planned The King of Limbs

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  • 10 October 2011
Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke

Radiohead said making 'The King of Limbs' was like ''editing a film'' and they never expected to produce a complete album

Radiohead never expected to make an album from 'The King of Limbs' tracks.

The group released the eight-track record earlier this year but frontman Thom Yorke admitted they were astonished by the finished record, which he said was similar in creation to editing a film.

He said: "Almost every tune is like a collage - things we'd pre-recorded, each of us, and then were flying at each other.

"You get to a point where you think, 'OK, this bit needs a big black line through it.' It's like editing a film or something. I don't think we really genuinely thought anything would come out of it. Certainly not an entire record."

The 'Karma Police' hitmakers did very little promotion for the album, which guitarist Ed O'Brien said was deliberate as they "didn't feel like it".

Thom added in an interview with NPR radio: "We didn't want to explain it."

Bassist Colin Greenwood recently admitted he expects the band to schedule some live dates in support of the album, as they have played only a handful of shows since its release, including two shows in New York two weeks ago.

He said: "We've not had much of a chance to play 'The King of Limbs' live. There was the Glastonbury festival performance, but with our own shows we can have the full production.

"We're getting together this week to talk about our plans for the rest of the year. We're having a brilliant time, so obviously we want to keep it going."


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