Aloe Blacc's aero inspiration

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  • 6 October 2011
Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc

Aloe Blacc has revealed he writes many of his lyrics on airplanes and would love to play Beyonce's father in a biopic of the singer's life

Aloe Blacc writes most of his lyrics on airplanes.

The 'I Need A Dollar' hitmaker is at his most relaxed when in the air, away from distractions, and likes to put all the time he spends travelling to good use.

He told NME magazine: "To get my ideas, I usually go to an airplane. I come up with a lot of specific thoughts on planes.

"Being restricted from other activities is helpful. For the most part I'm a calm person - most of the time I'm very relaxed even if I'm in the middle of a million things."

Although he has enjoyed worldwide success with his single 'I Need A Dollar', Aloe isn't worried if his music career ends abruptly, as he already has a back-up plan.

He said: "I'd be writing songs for other people. Or acting in music biopics?

"I'd definitely love to play Beyonce's dad. That would be the more interesting role to play."

Aloe has previously said he judges every song he produces by the emotions it stirs in him, and when he feels an extreme of either laughter or tears he knows he's onto a winner.

He said: "There are some songs that were hard to write because I was crying when I was writing them. And that's when I know it's a dope song!

"Or there are songs that make me burst out with laughter as I'm writing them. Or I feel like I'm a genius. Of course, it's up to everybody else to have their own opinion, but at least when I'm writing it I feel like it's a hit."

Aloe Blacc

American soul vocalist with an old school rhythm'n'blues style who probably doesn't need a dollar anymore.

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