Lisa Maxwell's Loose Women calls

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  • 4 October 2011
Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell has to make ''20 phone calls'' after each episode of 'Loose Women' to apologise to people she's offended with her rants on the daytime show

Lisa Maxwell has to make "20 phone calls" after each episode of 'Loose Women' to apologise to people she's offended.

The 47-year-old panellist - who joins the likes of Carol McGiffin, Janet Street-Porter and Denise Welch on the ITV1 daytime show - explained she was once rude about Katie Price's estranged husband Alex Reid, and then had to eat her words when she met him.

She said: "We've all got ourselves into trouble over the years. I did just recently. I was a bit mean about a certain celebrity - OK, it was Alex Reid. I said something like I didn't know why we -were talking about him and -implied that he wasn't the brightest spark.

"Then I bumped into him and he was lovely. Actually, I'd probably enjoy a cup of tea with him. That's the danger. You end up making 20 phone calls apologising to people after the show. But it's all worth it. It's the best job in the world."

However, Lisa admitted while she tried to "self edit" when she first signed up to 'Loose Women' - which has recently seen Sally Lindsay and Carol Vorderman join the panel - she now "spills the beans about more or less everything" in her life.

She added in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I love the new line-up. I worked with Carol Vorderman years ago and she was hilarious. She's great value.

"She and Sally Lindsay hopefully won't worry too much about rubbing people up the wrong way. You can't go in and self-edit. I tried and did well for about three weeks, but you get sucked in and spill the beans about more or less everything."

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