Caroline Flack knew Olly Murs in past life

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  • 4 October 2011
Olly Murs and Caroline Flack

Olly Murs and Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack thinks she knew her 'Xtra Factor' co-host Olly Murs in a ''former life'' because the pair hit it off instantly when they met

Caroline Flack thinks she knew Olly Murs in a "former life".

The 'Xtra Factor' host - who co-presents the ITV2 'X Factor' spin-off show alongside the hunk - admitted the pair instantly hit it off and like to have a "little flirt" on set.

She said: "We met for the first time literally 15 minutes before we started filming, so we had to have a crash course in friendship - it was like speed dating! We hit it off straight and it was as if we had known each other in a former life.

"We finish each other's sentences, we speak on the phone every day and we BBM all the time.

"He's really cute and we like to have a little flirt. We like to say that, rather than being like brother and sister, we're more like brother and stepsister, so we're still allowed to flirt."

Despite thinking Olly would be an "amazing boyfriend", the 31-year-old beauty has ruled out a relationship with the 'X Factor' runner-up because he takes too long to get ready.

She added in an interview with Star magazine: "He would make an amazing boyfriend because he's funny, kind, generous and easy-going. But he takes a long time to get ready - much longer than I do - and he's always asking me if he looks OK!

"He's quite a sensitive little soul. If he haven't spoken in 20 minutes, he'll ask me if I'm in a mood with him."

Olly Murs

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Sat 11 Aug


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