Downton Abbey set 'haunted'

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  • 3 October 2011
Julian Fellowes

Julian Fellowes

The set of 'Downton Abbey' is reportedly haunted by numerous ghost and spirits living in Highclere Castle, Berkshire

Downton Abbey's set is haunted.

The ITV1 period drama is filmed at Highclere Castle, Berkshire, and Lady Carnarvon, the country pile's chatelaine, thinks there are spirits and ghosts living all over stunning property.

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "There are a few different ghosts here. We all know who they are. Some people see ghosts. Some don't. It doesn't matter.

"But a lot of people have lived here, and I think you can tell when something terribly upsetting has happened in a room."

However, it seems the ghosts are having a positive effect on the show, as its second series has proved hugely successful, with creator Julian Fellowes admitting he is stunned by the affection people have for the period drama.

Speaking about the show - which has now been sold to more than 100 countries, including America, Australia, Japan and Israel - Julian said: "I thought we'd made a good show and people would enjoy it, but it was extraordinary.

"We were playing to something like a third of the adult population. I mean, nobody could expect that level of success, except for Simon Cowell. It was completely mad."


1. Elijah Collins17 Dec 2012, 6:44am Report

I am watching Downton Abbey on KPTS 8 Wichita Kansas United States, I wondered if the set might have spirits on it because I am watching it and I keep seeing Spirit Orbs well lit floating slowly across certain shots, I do not know what episode this is because I do not ordinarily follow the show and I did not catch it, But perhaps if I give todays date it would help, It is December 16th 2012 and it is the part where an explosion injures one of the characters and they suspect he may have Spinal Damage. THere was a scene in the Green Kitchen I saw an orb fly off to the right of the screen, and another scene in the infirmary where I saw another fly off to right od the screen. These are not dust, they put off odd streams or white light like a spider web almost..

2. Elijah Collins17 Dec 2012, 6:48am Report

oops sorry wrong date last post was 12/17/12 12:48am Central time United States not the 16th, that would be the wrong episode.

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