Kirk Norcross: Maria is a gold-digger

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  • 30 September 2011
Kirk Norcross at the Horrible Bosses premiere

Kirk Norcross

Kirk Norcross has branded his arch rival Maria Fowler a ''gold-digger'' after the 25-year-old beauty was seen flirting with his dad, Mick, on Wednesday night's (28.09.11) episode of 'The Only Way Is Essex'

Kirk Norcross has branded Maria Fowler a "gold-digger".

The 'Only Way Is Essex' hunk - whose dad, Mick, was seen flirting with the 25-year-old beauty on Wednesday night's (28.09.11) episode of the ITV2 reality show - has ruled out any possibility of his father finding love with his arch enemy.

Kirk exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Maria will never be my step-mum. It just wouldn't happen, she's younger than my brother. They'll probably have a cheeky snog or something but nothing after that.

"I don't have a problem with him enjoying himself, as long as it's not with Maria. I'm so protective over him.

"Kanye West did a really good song about a few years ago. Was it called gold-digger or something?"

However, Kirk isn't the only 'TOWIE' cast member putting the brakes on the pair's romance before it even begins.

Gemma Collins - who was left heartbroken at the end of series two when the nightclub owner rejected her advances - admitted she "won't let it happen".

Speaking at the launch of 'The Only Way Is Essex' series two DVD at HMV in London's Westfield Stratford City yesterday (29.09.11), Gemma said: "I had to tweet Maria today because she was being a bit flirty with Mick. I said, 'Maria Fowler, keep your mitts off my Mick'

"I won't let it happen! The thing is, I can't force Mick to like me though can I? I can't pin him down to the ground and say, 'Go out with me'.

"When I'd had a few drinks one night in the Sugar Hut I did once plant a huge kiss on his face. I've never seen him look so scared! He's such a nice bloke, he deserves someone really nice."

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