Jason Gardiner's midlife crisis avoidance

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  • 29 September 2011
Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner

Jason Gardiner took part in 'Alone In The Wild' to avoid having a midlife crisis when he hits the age of 40 this November

Jason Gardiner took part in 'Alone In The Wild' to avoid having a midlife crisis.

The 'Dancing on Ice' judge turns 40 in November and says the experience - which saw him left alone in Belize with no help getting food, shelter or water - was his reaction to reaching the milestone age.

Asked for his reasons for taking part, he said: "It seemed like a good idea because when will any of us get to have that experience? I know a lot of people are thinking 'I can live without it'.

"I just thought, it's turning 40 next year and I wanted to mark it some way and it was better than a midlife crisis, I thought, 'Belize on the one hand or midlife crisis on the other' . Or maybe that was my midlife crisis.

"It was very life-defining for me and made me appreciate how good things are in my life."

Despite being grateful for the experience, Jason admits he found it "incredibly scary".

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "It was incredibly scary, especially at night. You're engulfed in total blackness from 7 until 5,30am, you can't see anything and you have things crawling all over you all night long."

'Alone in the Wild' - which also features episodes created by retired cricketer Andrew Flintoff, 'Dancing On Ice' judge Jason Gardiner, mountaineer Aron Ralston, investigative reporter Donal MacIntyre, former SAS trooper Chris Ryan and sportswomen Amy Williams and Tanya Streeter - airs weekly on Discovery Channel from 5 October.

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