EastEnders' Vanessa to move in with Eddie?

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  • 22 September 2011
Zoe Lucker

Zoe Lucker

'EastEnders' actress Zoe Lucker thinks her alter-ego Vanessa Gold would ''love'' to move in with Eddie Moon because she feels ''really safe'' with the antiques dealer

EastEnders' Vanessa Gold would "love" to move in with Eddie Moon.

The blonde beauty - who is played by former 'Bad Girls' actress Zoe Lucker - has fallen for the antiques dealer's (David Essex) affections after being dumped by Max Branning (Jake Wood) - and the 37-year-old star thinks it would be a positive step for her alter-ego to be with him.

She said: "Vanessa would love to move into Eddie's for good and settle down with him. He's a really nice guy, Tyler and Anthony are both good boys, and Vanessa's very maternal, so it's just ideal for her. All she wants is a place where she can relax a little, and where she feels really safe and loved."

However, Vanessa has secretly been working with his son Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd) to try to ruin Eddie's life - but the businessman soon realises he no longer requires her services and is set to offer her a substantial amount of money to walk away from his family forever.

Zoe added to Inside Soap magazine: "She really does like Eddie - how could you not? He's a lovely guy, and the only person in the Square who's been nice to Vanessa since she split with Max.

"But Michael got to her when she was emotionally vulnerable and not thinking straight. Vanessa knew from the start what she was doing was morally wrong, and now she feels really ashamed of herself for going along with it."

However, Vanessa is not prepared to lose Eddie without a fight and sets about trying to take charge of her tricky situation with Michael.

Zoe explained: "There's this weird kind of power struggle going on between Michael and Vanessa. She gets to the point where she thinks, 'Hang on a minute, it's not right that he's dictating everything here.' Vanessa decides she's not going to put up with it any more, and find the strength to take control of the situation."

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