Photographer Elad Lassry to bring film Untitled (Ghost) to Tramway

Photographer Elad Lassry to bring video work Untitled (Ghost) to Tramway

Courtesy of David Kordansky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Scottish appointment follows artistic recognition in Venice and Germany

Elad Lassry is an artist with a palette that is both bold and spooky. Jonny Ensall explains why his work is set to cause a stir in Glasgow

What does modern mean? Does it mean commerical, bright, and futuristic? Or is modernity simply something to do with how our view of the past changes over time? These aren’t new ideas to occupy the mind of an up-and-coming visual artist, but Elad Lassry’s work captures the tricksiness of modern fashions in unique and compelling ways.

Lassry works with magazine photos to create uncanny effects. The images look familiar – like anything you’d find flicking through a glossy mag – but they’re layered and altered in ways that leave them haunted. There’s a ghostliness to his work that asks the viewer to look through the people and objects that he presents.

The Israeli-born Lassry this year showed at the Venice Biennale, and was also nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Börse Photography Prize. This autumn he is on his way to Tramway, Glasgow, with a film, ‘Untitled (Ghost)’. It features a group of dancers in monochrome costumes, moving in what Lassry describes as a ‘haunted house-cum-performers stage’. The work asks the same questions as his photo compositions: what are modern ways of looking, and should we trust them? You are, of course, encouraged to go see for yourself.

Elad Lassry: Untitled (Ghost), Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 21 Oct–Sun 4 Dec.

Elad Lassry: Untitled (Ghost)

An installation of Lassry's recent film, which employs the artist's typical restaging and layering techniques to investigate the tradition of 'spirit' or 'ghost' photography, which is seen by some as evidence for the capacity of photographic film to capture the immaterial.

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