5 Reasons to go to EH1 LIVE

5 Reasons to go to EH1 LIVE

The Dykeenies

The capital's new one-dayer features The Dykeenies, Jakil, The 10:04s and more

1. Welcome to Edinburgh
It’s that time of year again. Students are back, a new bunch of freshers are unleashed upon the bright lights of the big city, and while this new one-day, one-ticket-accesses-everything festival doesn’t cover all of the city’s best bands or finest venues, it should serve as a useful primer to Edinburgh’s healthy live landscape.

2. The venues
If you’re new to the city, you might want to remember where you’ve been after EH1, because you’ll no doubt be back there again. The six venues participating are Cowgate sweatbox Sneaky Pete’s, much loved old-stagers the Liquid Room and Studio 24, spit’n’sawdust rock boozer Bannermans, the blingin’ Electric Circus and the bohemian Store.

3. The bands
This is no big-budget affair, but the promoters have managed to put together a list of guests from the local area that will fill each of the venues being used. There aren’t any big names as such, although Cumbernauld rockers The Dykeenies have been fixtures on the Scottish scene for a while now and could quite easily take the title of headline act.

4. The rest of the bands
The whole event has an indie-rock slant to it, and it’s likely you might find a real gem or two in amongst more than bands including The 10:04s, The Lysergic Suite, Figure 5, Jakil, Modern Faces, Six Storeys High, Pose Victorious, The Stagger Rats, Val Verde, Emelle and many more.

5. The fact it’s happening at all
A city the size of Edinburgh can hardly have too many people trying to do something different on its music scene. Here’s hoping it’s a success for promoters This is Sound and We Luv Musik, and that they can come back bigger and better next time.

Various venues, Edinburgh, Sun 25 Sep.

EH1 Live

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