Trips and Falls - People Have to Be Told (4 stars)

Trips and Falls - People Have to Be Told

Sophomore effort from the Quebecois guitar-poppers

(Song, By Toad)

People Have to Be Told is the second album from Quebec based guitar pop outfit Trips and Falls. Building on the spooky promise of last year's He Was Such a Quiet Boy, Trips and Fall's new record is a more consistent and polished product.

In his cover letter to The List, Edinburgh-based Matthew Young, creator of Song, By Toad Records made a very accurate sum-up when he wrote, 'Its not as weird as the last one, but I still bloody love it!'

From the punchy, warm and amusingly named domesticity-themed opening track 'I'll Do The Dishes, You Do the Laundry' to the melancholy yet beautiful duet in 'This is All Going to End Badly', the album flits between hope to despair like rays of sun poking through a stormy skyline. When hazy guitar riffs and thumping bases lines at times threaten to overwhelm, strong and steady vocals hold everything in place. One of the few downsides to the album is its brevity, with a running time of just over half an hour. However, with the pace in which the band is banging out records, we hopefully won't wait too long until the next one.

trips and falls @ le cagibi--"I'll do the dishes, You do the laundry"