Andrew Lancel admits rape scenes were tough

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  • 16 September 2011
Andrew Lancel

Andrew Lancel

Andrew Lancel is grateful for the support of 'Coronation Street' co-star Alison King as shooting scenes where his character Frank Foster rapes her alter-ego Carla Connor were among the hardest he has ever done

Andrew Lancel admits 'Coronation Street' rape scenes were among the hardest he has ever had to film.

The actor portrays cruel businessman Frank Foster in the ITV1 soap and was grateful for the support of his co-star Alison King, who plays his on-screen fiancee and soon-to-be rape victim Carla Connor, when shooting his character's sexual attack on her.

He said: "It has been hard to bear, but Ali has made it bearable and hugely enjoyable every day, the scenes you will see on Monday (19.09.11) were very hard to do, but we worked very hard, from the opening line and all the way through."

Andrew also promised viewers that the distressing scenes will not be the end of his character's storyline.

He told 'This Morning': "What I love about 'Corrie' is, every door opens another door - the rape is shocking but it doesn't end here by any means, it leads to twists and turns and deceptions."

Despite his shocking attack on Carla, which comes the night before their wedding, Andrew believes Frank loves the brunette in his own "twisted" way.

During an appearance on 'This Morning', he added: "Considering this has been a relationship and a romance, Frank just hasn't come in to rape Carla, it's a long-term storyline. Frank loves her in his own twisted way, everything is about extremes with Frank.

"She loves Peter, it's too much for her, he was blinkered, this is what he wants to do and wants to happen. When that's taken away from him the night before the wedding he explodes and we know what happens."

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