Deal or No Deal to go live

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  • 15 September 2011
Noel Edmonds

Noel Edmonds

Channel 4 game show 'Deal or No Deal' - which is hosted by Noel Edmonds - is to be broadcast live for the first time

'Deal or No Deal' is to be broadcast live for the first time.

The Channel 4 game show - hosted by Noel Edmonds and sees contestants trying to beat the banker by opening a series of boxes with different amounts of money in - will air live for two weeks from Monday October 10.

Producers are keen to give the show a revamp and as well as being live, contestants will be chosen following a personal visit to their homes by Noel.

Channel 4 head of daytime Helen Warner said: "It's hugely exciting to be doing 'Deal or No Deal' live for the first time. Noel is the only presenter I can imagine being able to cope with something of this scale and ambition. Viewers will love it."

Earlier this year, the show was at the centre of a "fix" row.

The programme stunned viewers in January when there was an apparent breach of the show rules that state only an independent adjudicator knows how much is in each box.

As a contestant selected a box, the £100,000 graphic disappeared from the screen which shows the remaining sums of money - before the container had even been unlocked to reveal the amount inside.

The graphic was quickly replaced, and then disappeared again after the box was opened to reveal it contained the £100,000.

Channel 4 bosses defended the blunder - saying the production team had mistakenly added the graphics at the wrong time during post-production.

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