Katy Cavanagh wants Corrie marriage

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  • 15 September 2011
Coronation Street alien hunter Julie Carp

Katy Cavanagh

'Coronation's Street's Katy Cavanagh wants her character to get married to Brian Packham even if she has to drag him down the aisle

'Coronation's Street's Katy Cavanagh wants her character to get married.

The actress' alter ego, factory supervisor Julie Carp's relationship with English teacher Brian Packham (Peter Gunn) has been getting serious with the pair set to move in together and open their own fruit and vegetable shop but Katy isn't satisfied with this and is hoping the pair will eventually tie the knot.

She said: "Well, she's fallen in love and is just about to move in with Brian. Hopefully there are going to be some big storylines for her.

"They are going to stay together. Julie has got a good man, I will be severely disappointed if I can't get a wedding dress! Though she may have to drag Brian down the aisle."

Although Katy originally felt she had nothing in common with scatty Julie, she admitted aspects of the character have crept into her home life.

She explained to News and Star: "A character is always a bit you isn't it? I did base her on people I knew, but when you spend a lot of time as a character, you do start to become them. I'm totally fond of her now and find myself doing Julie things at home.

"My husband did not like her initially, but he bought her a Christmas present last year... that is worrying! It was a lovely pink bucket hat.

"I'm not sure she has toned down, but I've had more opportunity to flesh her out and make her more three-dimensional and this year I have really found my feet with her."

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