Big Brother boys buy table football

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  • 15 September 2011
Tashie and Jay

Big Brother's Tashie and Jay

Male 'Big Brother' contestants have spent some of the £350 they were given to purchase of the week's food for all the housemates on a table football set and High Protein shakes

Male contestants in the 'Big Brother' house have ordered a table football set as part of the shopping for the entire house.

The boys won the chance to choose all the items on the list away from the girls after winning £350 to spend on the items during a task against the females.

They ordered weights, a mini foam swimming pool, one-piece suits, remote controlled toy cars and tokens for takeaway chicken, burgers or pizza from the standard shopping list and were also given the chance to purchase a number of luxury items, which saw them splash out High Protein shakes, protein bars and two beach balls.

Male and female contestants had previously gone head-to-head in a 'Battle of the Brains' challenge, which saw the boys crowned as the Brainy Housemates. But the females were branded Pea Brains as a result of their loss and then faced being covered in Brain Sick.

Following the head-to-head, each of boys were asked two questions each worth £50 towards the shopping budget, but for every wrong answer a male housemate gave they had to spin the Wheel of Misfortune to see which female contestant would be covered in the goo.

Tashie - who is facing eviction from the house tomorrow (16.09.11) along with Harry and Aaron - and Alex were both covered in Brain Sick twice, while Faye and Maisy were the unlucky recipients on one occasion each.

Mark was asked, 'How many days there were in a leap year?' and he answered 364 instead of 366, which resulted in Faye being gunged, while Tom thought there were one million years in a Millennium instead of 1,000, which saw Tashie get covered in Brain Sick.

The boys won £400 to spend on shopping but the housemates lost £50 of that after Big Brother penalised Mark and Jay for throwing a bucket of Brain Sick over each other, and Aaron and Mark for chucking a bucket of the goo on the floor in the garden seven minutes later.

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