Nick Sargent: A Scottish Land (4 stars)

Nick Sargent: A Scottish Land

Bold and charming celebration of the Scottish landscape

With A Scottish Land, one-time set and costume designer and Edinburgh resident Nick Sargent returns to Oliver Chapman Architects in-house gallery space for the first time since their inaugural exhibition. Inspired by a photograph of a generic Scottish lake view (uncovered in an Edinburgh bookshop) and a similarly themed faded watercolour (found in a Devon charity shop) this exhibition treads the line between craft and fine art, as well as the one between memory and memorial.

In the principal room, huge, embossed, quilt-style canvas ‘Scottish Landscape’ dominates. With its mossy greens and dirty river blues this is muscular embroidery – there’s heather and needles and damage done here. Moving round ‘View’ takes a Venn diagram to perspective, ‘Folly’ places 2001’s monolith in the Highland landscape and ‘Foxing’ is all dusk and mystery. In the adjoining room, ‘Chapel’ and ‘Coast’ Sargent use the iris wipe and cunning to engage and concentrate the mind, while ‘Highland’ attempts to conjoin the woven canvas with something monumental and sweeping. Sargent’s bold creations celebrate his one-time homeland with charm and perhaps a little fantasy.

Schop, Edinburgh until Fri 7 Oct

Nick Sargent: A Scottish Land

  • 4 stars

The gallery-cum-architecture office plays host to a site-specific work comprising two large, painted and embroidered canvases which investigate the nature of the picturesque.

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