Julian Rothenstein (ed.) - The Redstone Book of the Eye (4 stars)

Julian Rothenstein (ed.) - The Redstone Book of the Eye

Art history book with an eye for detail

(Square Peg)

Having started Redstone Press in 1986, Julian Rothenstein has produced endlessly inventive diaries, large-format postcards and psychological guides. With The Redstone Book of the Eye, he peers deep into the subject’s iconography and meanings, bringing together classic film stills (Un Chien Andalou), landmark posters (Man with a Movie Camera) and fascinating street scenes from across the world.

One of Rothenstein’s favoured artists, David Shrigley, provides the introduction to this ‘Compendium of Visual Surprise’, dropping as many references and catchphrases about our windows to the soul as he can possibly muster, musing upon the social subtexts to the likes of ‘I’ve got my eye on you’ and ‘open your eyes!’

The meat of the book is divided into segments such as 'The Unseeing Eye' (pictures taken by blind photographers), 'Tricks of the Eye' (optical illusions) and 'The Satirical Eye' (from an anti-Semitic French broadsheet of the 1890s to Steve Bell’s lampooning of Blair). Amusing, entertaining and scatty, this lavish tome is a frequent eye-opener.

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