Jessie Wallace avoids ex-fiance on EastEnders set

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  • 15 September 2011
Jessie Wallace

Jessie Wallace

'EastEnders' star Jessie Wallace is eating in her dressing room to avoid her caterer ex-fiance, Vince Morse, as he is often at the on-set canteen

'EastEnders' star Jessie Wallace is eating in her dressing room to avoid her ex-fiance.

The actress - who dumped Vince Morse on their wedding day last month after discovering he had sent a racy photo of her to his former girlfriend - has now returned to work but she has shunned the on-set canteen because caterer Vince is regularly there.

So in between takes, she has food delivered to her room, with only castmate Shane Richie allowed in.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Jessie has barely left her dressing room. She is just coming out at the last possible second when called for a scene, and then going straight back into isolation.

"Her dressing room is practically in lockdown, with only Shane Richie being allowed inside because they're very close friends . she's terrified about seeing Vince. He runs the on-site catering department and could very easily bump into her at any second around the studios, which would cause major drama."

Since her time back at work, Jessie - who plays fiery landlady Kat Moon - has had to film angry scenes with her on-screen husband Shane, who plays Alfie Moon.

An insider told The Sun newspaper: "Jessie has been cut up about Vince and it's slightly unfortunate that she has had to film angry scenes with Shane.

"It was always a risk as Kat and Alfie have a tempestuous relationship at the best of times. But being a trouper, Jessie's been completely professional."

Mother-of-one Jessie is set to meet Vince later this week to discuss the future of their relationship.

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