Matt Smith wants new hat for the Doctor

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  • 15 September 2011
The Doctor with his companions

Matt Smith as the Doctor in a Stetson

Matt Smith wants the Doctor to get a new hat in the next series of 'Doctor Who' in keeping with his other headwear choices

Matt Smith wants to wear a "pork pie" hat in 'Doctor Who' next year.

The 29-year-old actor has enjoyed getting to don unusual headwear, including a Stetson and a fez, as the Time Lord and he is pushing for a new hat for the 2012 run.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I've been thinking of hats for next year. I think the pork pie's quite fun, or, you know, the Doctor in a fun trilby. I think Steven's going to go for a really ridiculous one. I really like the Stetson."

Although Matt is unsure if showrunner Steven Moffat will take notice of his choice of hat for the time traveller he believes the writer has incorporated his personality traits into the Eleventh Doctor.

However, the star is less impressed when Steven ridicules his chin.

Matt explained: "I think he's made this Doctor quite baffley and clumsy and ridiculous which is hopefully the sort of areas that I explore. But then it's like with the Doctor he always has great wit and has to be very acute, be very clever and brilliant, and I think Steven is those things himself so he informs so much of himself in the writing. Steven's really good at writing really clever characters ... He also takes the p**s out of my chin all the time and my hair!"

'Doctor Who' continues in the UK and the US this Saturday (17.09.11) with 'The God Complex'.

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