Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls (4 stars)

Veronica Falls - Veronica Falls

Gorgeously gritty indie pop referencing C86, Pastels and Vaselines

(Bella Union)

You may recognise this boy/girl foursome from their various past musical projects The Royal We, Sexy Kids, Your Twenties and Correcto. But The List hopes they stick with this one, because with Veronica Falls they’re really on to something good. In just over 35 minutes of gorgeously gritty indie pop, this self-titled debut harks back to the days of C86, Pastels and Vaselines mixtapes and ‘bad in a good way’ cardies and corduroy. But it’s far from purely pastiche, as the band have an intoxicating way with melody and storytelling that is utterly their own. And is that a hint of macabre at the heart of these spidery guitar lines, clattering rhythms and sweet vocals? We like to think so.

Veronica Falls - Come On Over

Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling

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