Twin Sister - In Heaven (4 stars)

Twin Sister - In Heaven

Insanely infectious pop melodies and playful, off-kilter lyrics from Long Island quintet’s debut


Twin Sister’s biog tells us they want to make music you could feel comfortable cheating on someone to. And while The List can’t speak from experience on this one, honest, we can certainly imagine In Heaven blissing listeners out so much they simply forget the difference between right and wrong. The beautifully ethereal quality to this Long Island quintet’s debut is just one of their many appealing qualities, however, as these ten tracks also combine insanely infectious pop melodies with playful, off-kilter lyrics and a whole bunch of unexpected sonic twists and turns. Imagine David Lynch giving Stereolab a musical makeover and you’re somewhere close to Twin Sister’s beguiling mix of shimmering synths, clipped beats and sultry vocals – particularly on album standouts ‘Spain’ and ‘Kimmi In A Rice Field’. Girlfriends and boyfriends beware.

Twin Sister - Bad Street

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