The Shivers - More (4 stars)

Sixth album of diverse styles linked by soulful sensibility from New York outfit

The Shivers - More

(Fence Records)

Having tootled along in NYC for years, this is The Shivers’ sixth album but first to be released over here, and it’s a perfect introduction to their idiosyncratic and gentle form of genius. Diversity is the name of the game; anti-folk rubbing shoulders with new wave, and soft piano next to Dylan-esque shuffles. It’s all linked together though by a delightfully soulful sensibility, most ably demonstrated by centrepiece tune ‘Love Is In The Air’ with its echoes of Marvin Gaye, and its plaintive organ-drenched echo ‘Two Solitudes’, both of which deliver the requisite shivers down the spine. Quietly inspired.

The Shivers 'Two Solitudes' from new album 'More'

The Shivers - 'More'


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