Sia Tolno - My Life (4 stars)

Sia Tolno - My Life

Empoweringly feelgood collection from Young Guinean singer


Young Guinean singer Sia Tolno overcame civil war exile to compose defiantly funky songs championing a better life for African woman and children. Her richly rhythmic tones have been rightfully compared to Miriam Makeba and Tina Tuner (as heard on ‘Blamah Blamah’), and after listening to this, her second album, there’s reason to believe the next decade might belong to female world artists building on the pioneering example of Mexican Lila Downs and Susana Baca (Peru’s forthcoming Minister of Culture). With mesmerising female choruses, catchy dance songs like ‘Dia Ya Leh’, the sensual ‘Malaya’ and the Fela Kuti influenced ‘Polli Polli’, this is an empoweringly feelgood collection.


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