Real Estate - Days (4 stars)

Real Estate - Days

Chiming, melancholic, reverb-bathed songs from some glorious, stoned daze


From The Byrds to Avi Buffalo, baked dudes kicking out jangly, gently psych-frazzled pastoral jams is a tradition as old as the hills in American pop and Real Estate are keeping it alive and well.

If the trio of New Jersey childhood friends’ 2009 debut was the sound of a summer haze then their second set – their Domino debut – is the slowly-sobering autumn: chiming, melancholic, reverb-bathed songs played, sung and produced as if woozily half-remembered from some glorious, stoned daze.

From the pacey pitter-patter drumming and gorgeous wordless chorus of ‘It’s Real’ to the long, lazy, strolling instrumental at the end of closer ‘All the Same’, they make sounding this unburdened and tuneful seem like the title of Days’ opener and standout track: ‘Easy’.

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