Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs (4 stars)

Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs

Lots to adore on sixth Rough Trade album of wry, nerdy, verbose tunes

(Rough Trade)

‘A cult boyfriend is like a record in a bargain bin,’ rambles Jeffrey Lewis, paralleling his calibre as a date with his music; both acquired tastes, ‘no one knows its worth ’til a collector comes in.’

While we can’t advocate going out with the prolific New York anti-folky, we can agree heartily that those few who take a chance on his wry, nerdy, verbose tunes will discover lots to adore, not least on his sixth Rough Trade album. ‘I Got Lost’ is a ramshackle strum, ‘Krongu Green Slime’ is just the kind of colourful weirdness you’d expect from a musician who’s also a respected comic book artist, while ‘Mosquito Mass Murderer’ finds Lewis rapping humorously about massacring blood-sucking insects. Sweet, talented, funny, fearless in face of wee beasties – maybe he is decent boyfriend material.

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