Jan Kopinski's Reflektor - Mirrors (3 stars)

Jan Kopinski's Reflektor - Mirrors

Fiery avant-jazz energy and intensity from Pinski Zoo saxophonist

(33 Records)

Jan Kopinski first came to prominence on the UK jazz scene with his band Pinski Zoo in the late 80s, and there is much of the fiery avant-jazz energy and intensity that lit up their music in this new album.

Reflektor features the saxophonist alongside two of his children, viola player Janina and bassist Stefan, as well as former Pinski associates Steve Iliffe on piano and Patrick Illingworth on drums. The music comes out a project with associated visual input (Reflektor’s speciality), but still makes a powerful impression on disc, with Melanie Pappenheim adding atmospheric vocal contributions.

Folk House from Jan Kopinski's MIRRORS

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